Custom House Brokerage


Custom Clearance is a critical part of the import or export supply chain. Hassle free and timely custom clearance of goods directly affects the cost and profitability for our customers. We therefore work diligently to ensure that their unique requirements are met to their satisfaction. We strive to assist our clients with managing the risks involved in imports and improving efficiencies in their processes, with emphasis on a thorough understanding of regulations. We continuously engage in improving best practices in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Our scope and expertise includes:

• Clearance at all custom stations in Pakistan
• Clearance under bilateral and multilateral trade agreements
• Clearance under temporary basis including duty drawback
• Clearance under various concessionary notifications
• Tax exempt clearance of diplomatic cargo or aid cargo
• Pre-import advisory on tariff classifications, concessionary notifications, valuation, import and export regulations
• Pre-import advisory on preparation of shipping documents

Besides knowledge and experience, our excellent contacts with custom authorities are also helpful in quickly resolving problems, if any, and in handling the clearance without any delay.